Document and Imaging Library

Our document and imaging library houses all non-data documents to link to any record in the system. The Document and Imaging Library (DIL) provides a storage and viewing system for different kinds of documents.

Lite version

The Lite version provides the ability to scan or import documents into the RSL applications. Files can be scanned as a PDF or a TIFF.

Professional version

The Professional version adds the ability to import many different document types into the library. You can import PDF, Excel (XLS, XLSX), Word Document (DOC, DOCX), TIFF, HTML, and TXT files. Additional file formats can be added during integration.

The Professional version adds the ability to secure the files behind a service on the file server. This will prevent users from opening the folders (i.e. UHC path for Lite version) and manipulating those folders. If documents are going to be destroyed, you need to secure the document folders and prevent document modification problems.

Document cabinets

Document cabinets can be created to store documents under folders within a cabinet.

Document links

Document links can be created from files in the cabinet to records in the RSL applications. This provides the ability to link a page to a record. You can audit the links.

Document library change

As more and more documents enter your system, the folder containing the documents will grow. Each month or quarter the Help Desk will change your document library to close down the current folder and start a new one.

This change is seamless and you will not notice a change. If your IT company wants to archive documents backups and not backup the older archives each month, this feature will provide the ability to take advantage of this change. This is helpful with online backups and data transfer volume.

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