Our electronic medical records application is based on the input from our practices using the system and the requirements of compliancy. Our EMR started in 1998 in our UNIX version. The flexibility of our design handles anything we can throw at it.

Whether you want to dictate (direct, remote), write (tablet), type, or mix and match the application provides the tools you need to chart thoroughly and efficiently.

Our EMR is interfaced to our core PM systems.

We offer a remote Medical Office application for use with billing services. If your billing service is running our core billing application, Medical Office can be used in your office to remotely link to the billing and directly link to the EMR.

Our EMR can be interfaced to another PM system.


Progress notes, SOAP notes, templates, and dictation (in-house, external, computer based) are the major classifications of charting sources. Intake forms are user-definable to create the custom charting you require.


Ordering blood tests, consults, radiology, or any other test done with a click on the onscreen encounter form. Track the results to make sure they come in. Track to make sure the patient had the test.


An internal message system provides the ability to track the patient as they move in the office, track phone messages, and track interoffice patient related messages.


The document library is a collection of scanned reports, inbound faxes, insurance cards, patient registration forms, school forms, work forms, and any other non-electronic document. The document library will connect with a scanner, import from a folder, or load from a fax server folder.

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