Interfaces are used to exchange information from one application or system to another. Interfaces are used to send demographic updates to an EMR (when using a non-RSL EMR), receive information back (bi-directional demographic), lab demographics (out to lab), lab orders (out to lab from EMR), lab results (from lab to EMR), portals, and others.

Interfaces are based on HL7 and XML. Proprietary interface format development is available.

Testing / Staging

Staging (testing) companies are traditionally used for incoming demographics, lab results, charges, or other inbound data. The staging company on your system is to work with the interface and messages before you go live. The staging company will not be part of your application support. This staging company is temporary. The goal of the staging company is to test messages before going into production.

Communication methods

TCP/IP, HTTP, web-service, and file-based communication methods are available. If another method is required we can create custom interface communication methods with our application design and consulting services.

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