Site News - updated 2010.06.21

Updated helpdesk portal application to use the horizontal navigate tabs on the new helpdesk web pages. Added sub-navigation for About, WebBoards, Wiki, Tomes, and Options to the Helpdesk page.

Moved screens on 6/21/2010 for the Tomes from the Members area (old) to the Helpdesk area (new). We disabled the Tomes in the Members area. Tomes available for Help desk (new).

We released our new site design on 6/14/2010. Our goal with this site is to present the areas on the main navigation bar (i.e. Home, Applications, Services) and drive the sub-navigation within those areas. This will provide a way for you to quickly get the information or service that you need.

We are moving the Members area into the Helpdesk. This will require you to re-enter your authentication (login) information. We will be keeping the old help desk (Members) area open until we can get as many moved over as possible.

The Helpdesk Webboards (forums) are driven by the Table logic in the old Members area. This presents a cleaner flow on the post / reply display.

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