RSL provides clearinghouse services for batch and realtime participating payers.

RSL is your clearinghouse for all ANSI 5010 claims. We support 837 (claim), 835 (remittance), 270/271 (eligibility), and 277 (claim status). Our support covers all participating transactions. If the payer does not charge per transaction or per provider support covers the transaction. For non-participating transactions, there are different subscription methods based on your volume.

RSL is a vendor for Emdeon electronic claims (AETNA, CIGNA, MMO, UHC, and more see payer lists on for extensive list of connections). Emdeon fees are either per provider based on claims or per transaction.

Automation provides the ability to automate claims (clean), downloads from RSL (reports, rejections, and remittance), statements (generation of the thinking part, release to printer in the morning), and other areas in the system to utilize non-employee time to increase the speed of the system during employee usage (this provides the ability to use the file server off hours to perform these tasks).

Batch services

Batching refers to sending a batch of transactions to the payer. All claim services are batch. All remittance (835) and reports are batch.

Realtime services

Eligibility, claim status request, and electronic prescribing are the realtime services. Your system is connected to the RSL Realtime Network to deliver and receive realtime transactions. Think of this as a post-office - the transactions come in, get routed, and delivered. The response is received and delivered back to you.

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